We had to invest mainly in modern equipment and machinery; some is standard, but many unique models were specially made for us, which manufacture the windmills automatically with electronic and robotic technology. In the past we produced more than 200 different windmill models.

In 1996 we started manufacturing the “garden” range which distinguishes itself by polypropylene windmills which are very resistant, can be used outside and contains the colours of a rainbow. During the same year we acquired one more large plant, so as to enable us to expand our warehouse and to give the stock more room. In addition, in order to facilitate our work, which was also increased by the heavy demand for the “garden” range, we purchased the first platen press for the cutting of plastic.

In the year 2005 we were invited by the Province of Genua to the “Palazzo Ducale fondazione per la cultura di Genova” to set up an exhibition of our products, which was a huge satisfaction for us

During the same time we also decided to buy the first automatic machine to manufacture our items more quickly; this was later backed up by some more, in order to satisfy the production of the different models.Of course all our windmills are accompanied by an EC declaration of conformity and tested conforming to EN 71-1-2-3 and other safety standards, in accordance with current regulations

      All our products are made in Italy, they have the CE mark and are certified.       

Besides being a typical simple toy, our windmills are more and more often becoming decorations for gardens and terraces, thanks to their bright colours; they are true gadgets that give joy and cheerfulness.

We are currently regular exporters and send our goods to over thirty countries worldwide: Germany, France, Great Britain, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatian, Greece, Slovenia, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Ireland, Canada, Japan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Iceland, South Africa, Lithuania, Estonia, Hungary and even New Zealand and Australia.


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